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FIFA Wants World Cup Plans Solution By December 20

FIFA will try to find a consensus on hosting the World Cup every two years in time for a virtual global summit on December 20, Gianni Infantino said Wednesday. The president of world football’s governing body told a press conference that there were sharply different opinions on the idea stemming from different global regions. Infantino said he thought it was possible to reach a common position. “That must be our main objective: to reach a consensus,” he said. He stressed that so far, FIFA had not asked countries whether or not they agreed with the proposals but had simply presented them to trigger discussion.

“I do believe we can reach a consensus because what I’ve said from the beginning is that we’re going to change things only if we are completely convinced that it will be beneficial for everybody,” said Infantino.

He also suggested the days of one country hosting a World Cup on its own were numbered.

The World Cup has been played every four years, apart from cancellations during World War II, since the inaugural edition in 1930.


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